I'm Zach Berwaldt.

Full Stack Web Developer

What I'm building >

Building Command Line Tools

In an effort to become a more rounded developer, and learn to use my languages of choice. I've started implementing common *nix tools such as cut, cat, and sed! Currently working on cut.


The Basics

Zach Berwaldt

I am a web developer and animator based in good ol' Boston, MA. When not working on side projects I am working on obtaining my full stack development certificate from freeCodeCamp. I have my Frontend Development Certicate. Also from freeCodeCamp.

I do a lot of prototyping on Codepen and Glitch. Those are my preferred environments to do small implementations of the techniques I learn, before using them in larger projects.


Relational Agents Group

Website for Research Group

  • Hugo
  • Travis
  • JAMstack

Exercise Tracking API

Exerice tracking backend.

  • Flask
  • Sqlite3

Local Library

Simple library inventory management system.

  • Express
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB


A personal website developed with the JAMstack

  • Hugo
  • Netlify
  • Disqus

Poll App

A Poll app for your Django projects.

  • Python
  • Django


Pardon the sites appearance as I work on the redesign. Some design choices are subject to change. Thank you for your patience!